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Looking Into The Mirror of Relationships

Woman looking into a mirrorWe all want to live” happily ever after”. Many of us are raised on the fantasy of it and we enter marriage (or committed partnership) with the idea that that is the way it should be. And the first blush of new love furthers our belief (false, I assure you) that Love and Happiness is the norm that we should expect right out of the gate. The inevitable challenges, disagreements and general unpleasantness that most often unfolds in early partnerships results in people “running for the hills”; stepping way back from committed vows, often resulting in divorce.

I spent the early part of my adulthood living in a spiritual community—single. And it turned out to be a wonderful training for marriage. It was a very structured environment-up early; prayer; meditation; more prayer; assigned tasks; more prayer and meditation, etc. I was often living with several thousand people Continue Reading →