Brainspotting is truly a mind/body centered technique that has the ability to focus us beyond our cognitive awareness and abilities.

We have the ability to process most events that happen to us throughout our days. Something happens, we think about it, we talk about it, we may dream about it. And then we store away in our brain what we have learned from this situation and we forget the rest.

With the traumas in our life– the big and the small ones– that ability of the brain to process sometimes gets overloaded and a lot of trauma can remain unprocessed and stored in the brain—-greatly impacting how we feel about ourselves and how we live our lives.By triggering this unprocessed memory, we can bring to our conscious awareness memories and feelings that have long been buried.

It has often been said, that if we can face and feel all that needs to be felt, we can heal. This more complete processing of the events of our lives frees us up in the present to make new choices for ourselves. It’s a bit like clearing away some of the internal layers that have built up over time that prevent us from connecting with who we really are and who we have always been meant to be.

I have been practicing Brainspotting with hundreds of people since 2006. I’ve studied Brainspotting extensively with the originator, Dr. David Grand for five years and I have taught Braninspotting to other therapists.

Brainspotting is a powerful therapeutic tool that I have successfully blended with other experiential techniques (therapeutic tools that allow us to get to the root issue). This work often facilitates a deep healing and emotional release.

If you have done a lot of work on yourself and there are still some issues that will not shift–or if you are just beginning your journey of self-exploration– this work may be valuable for you. Please feel free to call me and we can talk further.

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