Healing: A Spiritual Journey

I have learned that loving myself is the same as loving spirit.
I have learned that life provides us with all of the tools and opportunities that we need to come back into a loving relationship with ourselves.
I have learned that the greatest meaning that we can bring to our lives is to open ourselves to love.

One of the greatest wounds of our childhood is to come to believe that we are not worthy, not quite good enough, not lovable. I remember in my youth, sitting with a group of people that I did not know, in a city that I had just moved to, New York, literally hearing an internal chant, “I am not worthy”. What a scary time for me. And exciting.

In NYC, I learned to take on each new challenge and look for the opportunity for my growth. I learned to move towards that scary edge of uncertainty and find my place and my confidence in it, over and over again. As more of me filled with confidence and strength, I began to understand the words of one of my teachers, ” It is important to know that you are great. It is important to know your greatness.”.

As I learned to embrace my own greatness, I learned to bring a quiet sense of my own ok-ness into each new situation. And I learned that it is enough. And that I am enough just as I am.

I hope that you will return to this blog from time to time to read my musings and to share your thoughts.

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