Prayerful Intentions

Stained Glass MandalaConsciously asking for what we want to see change in our lives has the power to create the very openings we need to allow that change in. It is often said, if we don’t ask, how can we receive?

Over the years, I’ve learned a technique that I call “Prayerful Intentions” that I often share with my clients as homework.
It’s easy but very powerful:
1. Think of the situation that you want to address ( ie. sadness).
2. Create a statement that requests what you want to bring into your life ( ie. I want to be filled with happiness and joy)
3. Repeat out loud 5x’s in the morning and 5x’s in the evening.
Many people have reported shifts when using these “Prayerful Intentions”. Rather than affirming “I am happy”, beginning the statement with “I want (or I want to want)” opens up a yearning that puts us on the path of shifting to allow this new energy into our lives. With our intentions, we begin a process of aligning ourselves with this new state of being.

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